Origin of Ten Drums

The factory was formerly known as “Cheluchang Sugar Refinery”. It was founded in 1909 by the Japanese-owned “Taiwan Sugar Co., Ltd.” and started production in 1910. It was supervised by the National Government Resources Committee in November of the Republic of China, and was accepted the following year. Under the supervision of the Resource Committee, the 34/35-year sugar refining was completed by the former Japanese Sugar Refining Club. During the Pacific War, although the factory was not directly bombed by the Allied aircraft, it indirectly affected the disrepair of the equipment and the abandonment of sugarcane farming. Although the sugar making equipment was intact, the plant and other equipment were dilapidated, especially the deserted sugarcane plantations and the production of raw materials. serious.

“Taiwan Sugar Company” was established on May 1, 2005, and the factory was under the jurisdiction of “Second Branch Company”. In July of 1949, the company abolished the divisional company system and the factory was placed under “Zongye General Factory”. Supervise. In July 1949, the Zongye Sugar Factory was changed to “Majia General Factory”. In order to implement the large factory system, the “Sankandian Sugar Factory” was merged into the factory, and the name was changed to “Chekan Sugar Factory”. Factory supervision.

In July 1956, the factory was reorganized and part of the business in Sankan Store was separated. The factory was restored to the “Cheluchang Sugar Factory” and changed to the jurisdiction of the Kaohsiung General Factory. In August 1985, the name of the township was changed to Rende Sugar Factory, and the organization remained the same. The Kaohsiung Sugar Factory was abolished in June 64, and the factory was reorganized under the supervision of the Pingtung General Factory. During the Japanese Occupation era, the daily crushing capacity of the factory was 1,500 metric tons, which was increased to 2,600 metric tons in the 1960s. In July 1992, the factory was closed and merged into Shanhua Sugar Factory. In September 1993, it was taken over by Tainan District. Part of the warehouse in the factory was leased to Shigu Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.